Ain't Nothing Going To Break My Stride.

Howdy folks!
There is a lot going on in my neighborhood.
I'm 18 months now and pretty much I run the streets.
 Literally. I run the streets.

 And the sandy beaches.  
My form is perfect. You'll never catch me running around town with my tongue hanging out of my mouth like I'm tired or grinning because I am high on endorphins.

 It's taper week. Sunday's not just St. Patrick's Day. It's the LA marathon. I found out what I've been missing by riding in the stroller instead of a car.

 .....Seriously. It ain't much.
Can we run back to the Annenberg now?

I guess I'll settle for a tea party instead.
My Mom says that carb loading for a short race is a bit overated....I think not.
Homemade pretzels please!

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