For those of you who don't know PSA stands for public service announcement. I have a few of them to share with you. They say a first born child is a real bossy know it all. That's not entirely true. I just know a lot of things that I feel others would benefit from me sharing  so listen up!

First off: An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Next up: Give a hoot and don't pollute.

By that I mean throw things in the trash. I love to throw things in the trash.

Be a good kitten and wear you mittens!

I had to warm up to my mittens. This weather was so not LA...Look at my Mom she thinks her look is so "Heidi of the Mountain" well I got news for you she totally copied that bandanna thing off a half Finnish half French toddler I met at Reed Park.

Helmet safety: When it comes to your head use it but don't abuse it. I wore my helmet around for 1.5 days straight until my parents hid the helmet from me stating it was strange behavior What? You don't think Costco warrants a helmet?
 Think my love of my helmet correlates with my love to bang my head when I am tired/hungry/bored/impatient/ or do not want to nap in my crib?
Tunnel vision will keep you focused!

I had some great adventures wearing my helmet. Follow me! I'll take you on a tour.

Build better bones.

By way of beeches and bikinis.
Vitamin D duh!

Don't forget the sunscreen!
In this case my Mom actually did apply sunscreen and did not burn. Her face is just flushed from pushing 25 lbs of kid, 25 lbs of stroller and a bit of cargo. True multi tasking: cross fit and running and a story hour commute all in one.


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Grandma Cindy said...

Dear Annika Ruth,
Yes, you do love to throw things away, including your paci in Auntie Val's trash can.
Grandma Cindy