Beep Beep!

Beep beep! I got wheels.
LA is not just about fashionable attire and highlights in your hair.

It's about the car you drive! Mine is fabulous. Noh? By the highlights are all natural. Kisses from the sun and pool. What? You don't believe 16 month old children get highlights in their hair? I'm sure it happens but it really doesn't matter because it is about how you look driving your splendidly fabulous car.
Despite my Mom's aversion to the automobile in lieu of her feet. I love my car. She's taken to run communting and spends all our gas and parking money on things that are more fun like clothes, shoes, and coffee (...ok and bread, milk, and rent but that makes for such a boring blog. Yawn. Snore. Who cares? I got wheels. I love my car. It's fabulous and practical too.
Practical in that it gets a least 100 miles to the gallon and the battery self charges itself when my Mom is sleeping. It's also very, very, low on emmissions. I said it was a no emmssion vehicle but that isn't exactly true. Ahem....Moving on. Montana Avenue is the perfect place to show off your car. On a daily basis you'll see Bentleys, Mercedes, Porches, BMW's and of course some hybrids cruising the street looking so fine.The corner of 15 & Montana is so everything! The Starbucks, Whole Foods, yoga studio, botiques, and hair salons are so vibrant. It's the perfect place to be seen. In fact, I have seen the papparazi many of times. Parking is hard to find and the traffic gets congested since the crosswalks are plentiful and honor pedestrians.  Imagine the envy of the Mr. $100,000 G Wagon when he waits at the corner of 15 & Montana  as I cruise across the crosswalk. Land Rover, Range Rover send Annika in her rocking pink car on over! Sorry, sir but you'll have to wait a second longer for your soy latte. Despite my car I still can pull rank as a pedestrian. I maybe mini but I am mighty.
Parking? Not a problem. I do better than rockstar front row parking. I do better than valet. I drive right through the front door. Can you say special privleges 5x fast? I may as well be a celebrtiy. It's sort of like I am almost famous. Who would have thought a car could do so much for one's esteem?

 Couldn't help but think of this video "Getting Real in The Whole Foods Parking Lot" and it aint far off. So enjoy  and drive safely.

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