Spring Challenge 2012

 The weekend after our big adventure in AZ we headed up to Idyllwild for some more mountain bike racing. For those who haven't been there Idyllwild is breath taking. Especially when riding/racing a bike. Since my Dad and I crewed the Whiskey 50 while my Mom climbed her heart and legs out this weekend my Dad would race. Idyllwild Spring Challenge is excellent venue. The riding is super fun and technical but there are fewer people to contend with and they stagger the start times. While my Dad raced I held down the a great picnic spot in the shade and concentrated on my reading and rolling.
 My Dad and I hit up the awards. We cleaned up big time. I made it up onto the second place podium. Sadly, there are no pictures because my Mom was out joy riding instead of photographing my moment in the limelight. Then they started calling out numbers and handing out prizes and my Dad won a bike frame and a set of tires. Can you beleive it? My Mom said Idyllwild does not dissapoint. She wasnt kidding!

In other news I'm still attending all of my classes. We really like the Baby Boot camp offered at Scripps. I think I am in a little bit better shape than my Mom though I never complain I am sore the next day but she does.

I have a couple more sessions of my school before we graduate and go on summer vacation but I'm thinking of enrolling in another school. Swim school! Woot woot!

 I want to go to this school too. This Friday at story hour a 2 year old girl showed up in her leotard. I thought she was playing dress up but nope. She was on her way to gymnastics and it is at Liberty Station just like story hour. After story hour, on our way to the swings, we swung by the gymnastic school and watched. It was so cool. I wanted to join but you have to be 18 months. How unfair is that? Isn't that age discrimination? Aren't there laws about that? I object.

Thanks to me my Mom finally found a good use for those gel flasks she had leftover from Ironman training. We like to make our own food vs buying prepackaged items. The containers that have the straw like openings are handy when on the go though. If I didn't like avocado I'd say be green don't eat green, but I like to be and eat green. Mmmm... strawberry.

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Grandma Cindy said...

Woot Woot! Grandma Cindy approves your application to swim school. I predict you will be a breaststroker, Annika.