Week 36: Almost Easy Street

Week 36: I believe this marks the beginning of the final countdown. 4 weeks to go (plus or minus a few). In case anybody is wondering 37 weeks is term. Officially I only have one more week to worry about preterm labor. Originally it was my goal in terms of fitness and athletics to make it to week 36 running or riding and to swim until the end. I have been off the bike since week 29 but running has been great. Of course, I speak in relative terms.  Now that I have arrived at week 36, I don't want to quit.  In part because maternal running has been linked to euphoria. I will attest, it's too good of a feeling to give up. Swimming is great, but not euphoric. I think I have a need to work up a sweat and I can't feel the sweat in the pool. The number one reason I don't want to quit is illustrated below.

Also part because maternal running has been linked to euphoria. Not to sound like a crack addict, but when I finish a run I feel pretty loopy with happiness and very energetic. Some say it's the glow of pregnacy but I think the glow is potentiated by endorphins. The high last for several hours. I don't think anybody sleeps great in the third trimester but after running and swimming early in the day, it sure feels great just to lie in bed. I will attest, it's too good of a feeling to give up.

I've found a new favorite Facebook site. It's called I <3 running. It's where I got all these pictures. Each day it has a new picture that is pretty cool. Some people ask why I bother to spend so much time training while pregnant when I could be doing other things....like watching TV. I'd have to own a TV. Honestly with the void of not cycling 150-200 miles/week this summer I have plenty of time for other things like blogging, reading, shopping for baby gear. Also in terms of running and swimming I believe in the below.

Seriously,  true that! Also, I believe in the below.

Also I am training for something I want more than a sub 4 hour marathon off the bike at Ironman. Although I'd take both: The Super Mom Gene. Yup. They are out there and they are real.

I know you can't train for  a gene, but Super Mom's in terms of fitness and athletics do things like wake up at 5:00 a.m.on Saturday, do a two hour long run and shower by 7:30. Wake the kids, get breakfast, whip up cupcakes for whatever birthday party/ celebration is happening that afternoon and get the kids to the soccer field/gymnastics or whatever by 9:00 a.m. Upon arrival to whatever event, the super moms don't need to brag about what they have accomplished. They just chill and agree with all the other moms that they need a Starbucks to keep up with their kids. I know real live Super Moms and I have them on speed dial as well as unlimited texting and e-mail support . The Super Moms also execute the below.

I feel like I've Just Done It Every Day for the past 36 weeks. Magically over the past two weeks I got FASTER in the pool and running and it got EASIER. Once again I speak in relative terms, but swimming and running somehow were easier than they have been for at least three months. Yee Haw. I actually "raced" Tim in the pool last Saturday and I kept up for 50 yards. OK, so I was the only one who knew about the race but that's just a minor detail. He was swimming 1000 yards and didn't know it was a race but he is a guy and everyday is race day for guys. I tried to swim faster than him for 50 yards. I guess some would say "you failed, looser" but whatever.  Today was test set day and my 100, 200 and 400M times were about what they were pre-partum and I'm expending the same energy. Sweet!

I think it is due to what is called lightening, the baby has dropped. I didn't realize how much my ability to move my arms and legs was affected by the height of the baby. It is much easier to turn my legs over running this week. In the medical world this means..... dramatic music please, the end is near. I won't most likely be pregnant forever or for as long as elephant. Although, my OB/GYN did say that the baby dropping is not a sign that I would deliver at 37 vs 40 weeks. More just sign that things are starting to move, and I probably wouldn't go to 42 weeks. Whatever, I am just counting my blessings for all that has gone well so far.

Not to discount my blessings but I will publish my one whine....My right foot hurts. It was niggling and over the past 3-4 runs it has become ANGRY. The kind of anger the heats up and doesn't get better if you walk for a minute, stretch, ice, or Tylenol (no ibuprofen for the pregos). I think it's the "terrible, awful" better known as plantar fascitis.  Those who don't know me may think who in their right mind goes prancing around wearing high heels (platforms really) and running 25-32 miles/week during weeks 34-35 of pregnancy? Those who know me know would expect nothing less. I never said I was in my right mind anyway.  I admit I deserve no pity, but in my defense the high heels were soooooo two  weeks ago and the plantar fascitis is so this week. Maybe I should get the high heels back out and try running in them.

I realize I should be mature and not mention this but this is my good luck blog. Every time I have blogged about an injury throughout this pregnancy it has miraculously eased up leaving me grateful yet sheepish. For now I'm behaivng like any other pregnant lady, feet up reading baby books. The Strassburg Sock: Is that German for Sexy Sock?

My husband, the orthopod recommended not running because running isn't as exciting as biking and ecspeically not mountain biking the Hoko One One. Basically Moon Boot Running shoes.
Must admit in my current state running in something that lifted might cause me to do a complete somersault and I can only imagine all the other injuries I would incur from such a drastic change. Of course the patient rationale person I am has scheduled a PT appointment as soon as possible. I have to wait 5 whole days.  You'd thing in San Diego there would be PT ER's just for ridiculous triahtletes such as myself. We'd all just march in crying "help, my XXXX really hurts and I need it to be better by tomorrow". If that fails I guess there is always the ellptyical or aqua jogging. I'd like to be back running before the baby is born but I guess that will depend on the cooperation of my foot and when that baby actually comes. Could be any day or could be a lot of days. I have this belief that Baby N loves her daily run and has missed it for the past few days. Once she is born it will be a little while until she is ready for the stroller so if she is a fussy baby we'll know it's because she is wanting to go running:)

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idropboys said...

Early is best for us....you simply cannot have the baby while we are in Vegas! :) Speed dial when she is coming...but I hope for another run or walk or decaf sesh before she arrives....