Week 35: Showered in Fun and Friends

This past week was amazing and exciting past week. Tim and I had the opportunity to celebrate the upcoming birth of our first child with many of our great friends. 

Celebrating with friends and cutting cake sort of felt like getting married all over again. Preparing to have a child is exiciting in itself. However, it is 100 times more fun to know that your friends and family support you and are happy for you. Never having been a parent, you aren't really sure if you have what it takes to be a good parent.

It's really cool when people express that they are happy and excited for you. It makes you think "Gee, they think we'll be alright as parents, well I guess we'll be alright"


Even though the presence of our friends was more than enough. I must say Baby Girl Neuschwander scored some great gifts. I think I am jealous of her wardrobe and bedding. Hmm, maybe she'll share when she gets older. It's really touching to think of all the caring, generous, and thougtful friends we have. Tim and I feel really lucky to have such great friends nearby as we start parenthood. Seriously, being pregnant is really fun. People are really nice to you minus a few bad apples. In all honesty, I'll be honest....you get special treatment while being pregnant. Just the other day, I was leaving Trader Joes and a random man ( who was not creepy) started loading my groceries into the trunk of my car. So kind! I felt like I was a little bit of a sham since I had just finished a 3000M swim and 6.5 mile run. It pays to shower post workout. I felt a little guilty but on behalf of all the pregnant women, I just smiled and said thanks.


Some of the gifts displayed above. We had too much fun visiting and catching up with everybody that there was no time for traditional activities like shower games and opening of gifts. On second thought there were a few games later, I'm not sure if the name of the game was Diaper Dip or Toddler Toss.

 Like any good party, things tended to get wild as the night went on. Usually people with small children leave a function first. We pretty much made all of our frineds through triathlon, so it's the opposite. All those without small children have to get to bed early to recover from one day of training and prepare for the next.  

Tim, the prankster squirts Spencer with a squirt gun. Soon after all the Dad's were in the pool tossing their children into the air.

Later that week I attended shower number two.

It was hosted by my coworkers.  I am spoiled or maybe Baby N is loved!

Words can not express the amount of gratitude I feel for the support we have received.

San Diego sticks to the theme "Fun in the Sun"

It was 95 degrees in Poway and everybody went swimming. The pool was really nice!

It's one thing to swim at masters in a non maternity suit. It's another to swim at your baby shower. I am sure Miss Manners wouldn't approver. However, as my fellow nurses pointed out....There really is nothing they haven't seen before. True that and in lieu of heat stroke I jumped in. Ok, I waddled in.

I just read that optimum timing for maternity shots is 30 weeks, before the belly has "popped". Well too late for that. You get the pop shot.


tim said...

much thanks to our friends and family for their support!

Cindy said...

We loved being a part of the baby shower. Your friends are such a wonderful group of people. Jen, you look awesome in a bikini! It's 'fit Jen + Baby Girl N.' all in one swimsuit.