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Saturday November 6, 2010

In The Dirt: Off Road Triathlon

Warning: this photo is a recreation of the actual event. 

Almost but not quite Famous. Kind of but not quite a big deal.
Grinning from ear to ear I flew down the mountain and into T2. I still had the run 4 mile run ahead but I wasn't worried because the run course was my dream come true. Super steep climb, single track on the ridge line then down it, a little bit of flat, then up, up, up, and time to descend the super steep decent. Yes! That type of terrain, it just agrees with me. Lots of people say their knees hurt when they run down hill. Lucky me, mine don't. I ran down that hill full speed ahead. Tim said he knew it was me from a mile away because I have a certain style up and down steep hills :) He was a mile away because he was finished already. I passed him about between about a 1/4 mile from the finish. I tossed him my water bottle and prepared for an all out effort up the hill to the finish. Timsaid I was the 5th place female. He teases a lot. Can't fool me I said. I'm "Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner." Actually you are in 2nd Tim told me. Really? Oops.

Apparently a 42 year old female was actaully leading the whole race at one point. Rumor has it, the boys had to giddy it up a little due to her presense. She was so far ahead people just thought I was the first female.
I couldn't really be dissapointed because the mistaken information allowed me some great quality time in the land of make believe. It sure was good while it lasted.

 11th in my age at Xterra Worlds, 11th today including the boys, technically men. First in my age at a triathlon, that's a first. Yes, the field was small. Yes, there is always somebody faster. Guess what? If you want to win first you have to show up.  Tim won his age too. He went really fast because he was afraid that I might catch him.

2 Medals?
Trying to decide which one he likes best.

Even though our muscles were tired from racing and carrying around our medals all morning. We decided Temecula riding was to good to pass up.

Round 2 for the day. This time we did the "12 Hours of Temecula Course" It was even more splendid than our race course. I have my pads on just in case. Thankfully though they were just for decoration.

Sunday November 7, 2010

Noble Canyon: This time without the bikes

Tim and I did Noble Canyon bricks while training for Hawaii. We romanticized about how much fun it would be to just run Noble Canyon.I don't know why these pictures have flipped over sideways but it about sums up how I felt most of the day so I'll just leave them alone. The joke is you don't have to run faster than the mountain lion to not get eaten. You just have to be faster than the slowest person. Oh yeah that would be me. Paul has recently taken up ultra running and was happy to join us. He runs on his forefoot nicely and for a long time I thought his foot prints were that of a large hungry cat. 
I wish I could better recall this event but it's a big fuzzy mess. I do remember laughing a lot. Hysterically, Inappropriately. Choking on my water and having it spew out my nostrils. After the run we went to "Frosty Burger". It was an adventure in itself best summed up by the statement " Get that vacant look off your face and eat the cheeseburger".

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idropboys said...

You hard core rock star..... hilly, tough and knarly and you are happy as a clam! Well done!