More to do in Maui


 I am a "swimmer" now. No snorkel mask required.  I ditched the fins soon after.

Run Snorkel Run!

 I put a little wear on my shoes.


Couldn't complain too much even though the sun did not rise.

It was beyond cold, wet, and windy at 10,000 ft.

It took us 2 hours to finally work up the courage to brave the inclement weather.

We took the chance. 

 We had reason to believe the weather would be better below. 

After all we were in Hawaii.

This is better.

Tim likes it.


Makena Beach isn't just for running on race day.

We added a climb up the cinder cone to the course.

 And found another great snorkeling spot.

Just the kind of running I love!

Waterfall Hikes

 Bamboo Forrest.

 Jump in with both feet!

 I think I'll go for a swim too.

 Good thing there is a rope.

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