Tour of California

June 9, 2010
Day #4
San Luis Obispo -Carpenteria
125 miles

We left SLO this morning via the Vineyards.
It was a good thing they weren't open otherwise we might have stopped for a tour.
The wine country was beautiful. Why is it I always seem to think "I could live here?"
We had a tailwind.
That's right a tail wind.
We climbed up Harris Ridge Road. I loved the view from the top. I enjoyed the climb. Bruce told us stories up the climb of riding on that road as a child in the backseat of a car. No disk brakes, seat belts, or power steering.
We cruised down the other side and at mile 60 we were in Lompoc. We had brunch at the Jlama Beach Cafe.The place to stop if you are riding your bike in Lompoc and need a good meal. 
Then it was miles of scenery that looked like this. We talked about everything from A -Z. Funny we ran out of miles long before we ran out of conversation.
It's amazing how fun it is simply to ride a bike. Going someplace on your own power is just satisfying.
Soon we were in Goleta.
We made a quick stop to review the map a plan out how to navigate to Santa Barbara

We rode through the UCSB campus. I'm still in awe that a college dorm can be right on the ocean. What was I thinking going to school on the border of Canada.

We rode on though because dinner options were better in Santa Barbara. Bruce remembered eating at the Enterprise Fish Company years ago. He remembered that it was very good.Guess what,  it still is. We had a glassof wine or two with dinner and then rode out of the pier.

Funny what a glass of wine will do.

I spent a lot of time doing ride byes of the pelican. I tried really hard but I couldn't manage to obtain a picture. of me riding next to the pelican. I guess there is always next time. After giving up one the pelican we rode 10 miles further to Carpinteria. Not so much because we wanted the extra miles but because it was cheaper to sleep. Another night at the Holiday Inn Express.

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tim said...

It is amazing how easy it is to go far on a bike.