Tour of California Day #3 -R &R

June 8, 2010
Day #3 Rest day for the tour. We decided to stay an extra day in San Luis Obispo. Our nephew Scott was sleeping by the time we arrived the night before. Thanks Scott  for making us feel old and slow. In the morning I got to take him around the block a few times in the jogger stroller. I may have tried to run in my $7 flip flops. Only Scott will know.
Tim spent sometime watching Scott at first they were a happy pair.
Then Scott started cry. Tim figured out that crying entertained Scott.
It was effective but very loud.
I think Scott's mom may have heard from her work a 1 mile down the road. Grandpa saved the day volunteering to babysit while we rode bikes with Seth.

  Brothers and best pals.
But it doesn't mean they won't throw down, smack down, and race each other until the end.

Most of the time I try not to let the guys drop me even when they are sparring. With another few hundred miles to go I got smart. Instead of getting dropped ...I suggested the boys slow up just a hair so I could get a good photo. I'm sure they had no idea it was a ploy. Road riding is all about the tactics.

I tricked the guys into slowing for a lot of photo ops.
I think I did more laughing than pedaling for the 25 miles.
I'm really glad we stayed an extra day at Seth and Val's house. We really appreciate them opening their home to the three sweaty, noisy, vultures. Hopefully we can hang out again soon


tim said...

cute pics!

cindy said...

I love the picture of the two cry babies!