Three Musketeers

Last year Tim and I went skiing in Switzerland for our honeymoon. My father in law Bruce was pretty much our personal travel agent/planner dreaming up our adventure. Everyday while Tim and I skied down the mountain, Bruce checked the web cams of Crans Montana looking for us. Rumor has it Bruce was even more sad than we were when our trip came to a close.
The self sacrificing souls Tim and I are, we agreed to repeat the adventure this year with Bruce. Are we troopers or what?

Most people think the first time I skied with Tim was in 2007. This photo documents otherwise.

Apparently I joined Tim and Bruce on the slopes of Kirkwood in 1985. A picture can't lie can it?


Mama Simmons said...

That is too cute- you guys skiing as kids. :) Have a great trip!

tim said...

you always look more confident on the slopes - even at age 5!

Sparky said...

Yes, and what great adventures were in store!

Charisa said...

AWesome! Kids on skis is just great :)