Shopping and Coffee

A normal Saturday. Coffee and Shopping. Some might even accuse us of having a manicure
(except it was black bicycle grease under the fingernails).
Jenny and Julie go shopping in the epicenter of fashion known as Ramona.
Socks for Tim

Believe it or not we were trying to go for a long bike ride. The weather was way beyond fickle. The sun would come out whenever we threatened to turn around and call it a day.

Tim was working and missed out on the fun. I was sure to bring him a souvenir (after testing them out myself.....nothing like a pair of dry socks for the trip home).

Julie models the new jacket.
The real plan was to ride to Dudley's Bakery in Santa Ysabel for a sweet treat. The weather diverted us. We had to settle for a cappuccino instead. We had to come up with a new route home as it started raining cats and dogs. We chose to ride by the Wild Animal park instead. It was such an adventurous day I expected to see some wild animals escape from the park


Stacy said...

Thought maybe I was sad I didn't get an invite, but it looks like it was a soggy ride. Don't worry, I got rained on my fair share on Sunday.
Have a blast in Switzerland!!!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Sounds like quite the adventure! yes - those rainy rides CAN be fun... as long as you've got a good group and the right kind of incentive at the end :)(like a yummy treat!)