Ah ....You're my best friend!

Maybe not all day everyday do they get along in perfect harmony.

 But on that day they did. Maybe it was just the perfect light.
They were the best of friends. 
 It was the best of times. 
In those moments 
In these pictures 

 It is abundantly clear to me
 The two of them.
 The four of us. We were paired up. 
I don't chase perfect. Serendipity is more my style. The perfect match is all about being imperfect. It comes from tolerance and appreciation of loved ones imperfections.
 So go ahead. Wade in your leggings when it wasn't in the plans. 100 X100 you'll promise you won't get them wet. A little water and sand will do a whole lot more for your soul than an hour of television .
I'll have a change of clothing ready.

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