This family likes bikes...
Isaac likes riding bikes, but his passion getting in to the tools on the bike stand. His favorite is stealing containers of premium bike lube and running away with them.
This summer we went to Copper Harbor for a bike trip that disguises itself as a medical conference.
If you like to ride mountain bikes and you want to go someplace magical ...Copper Harbor is a must
Repeat...You must ride Copper Harbor.
There is about one place in town you can get a cell phone signal ...Beyond that you are off grid and yes it feels good.
Our friends like to ride bikes too!
Some even get married riding bikes.
If you are looking for a unique way to celebrate your anniversary ....try a mtn bike epic..
If you can make it through a race advertised as 100 miles, that turns out to be 110 with the unadvertised 10 miles manageable at a 5 mph pace...your meant to be together. Pictures aren't a 1,000 words though because just around the corner is a beautiful granite rock roll that is quite a delight. 

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