Merry Christmas!

I love Christmas time. The snow, the tree, the lights, the cookies, the caroling, the family. It is a wonderful time of the year.

Grandma Judi came to spend Christmas with us. She is one of my BFF's for sure.
I delivered all the presents, delivered them with great cheer I might add.
My Grandpa Bruce got me an awesome gift. My very own head lamp. If the days are short, light up the nights. Did you know Strider makes a ski attachment for Strider bikes? Santa  did. So yes, I am a snow biker at age 3 and with my head lamp illuminating the snow I can even ride at night. Soon people will call me "The great snow rider" or "The great night rider" I haven't decided which has a better ring to it.
Back to delivery of gifts....Special delivery was upgraded to speedy special delivery when I got my beloved pink roller skates.
I wanted them so, so, so bad and I knew I would only get them from Santa if I was on the good list.

No, I am not wearing a helmet or pads because I'm just skating inside. Yes, I am allowed to skate inside the house. What did you think I was going to wait until May to try these things outside? Please!
Christmas is about the birth of Baby Jesus. Guess what, the rest of my family's Christmas will not to my Mother's chagrin seamlessly be delivered Santa's sleigh come until late April when we will welcome a Baby Boy to our family.

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