Times are good around our household. My Dad graduated from orthopaedic residency.

 Just to clarify the "So how does it finally feel to be a Dr" question. He actually has been a Doctor since 2005 and it didn't take until 2012 to finish residency because he got "held back" a year. Do they even hold students back in grade school anymore? I sure hope I don't get held back in school. Unless of course it is swim school.

In that case I hope I never graduate. I hope I am assigned Saturday school. Long story short I am really proud of and thankful for all my Dad's hard work.
Despite  the lifetime of unwavering support I provided  my Fathers profession I was not included in all aspects of the celebration. Just look. There is photo documentation to prove it. Missing from picture is Annika Ruth. Why? Because it was past my bedtime. Chucks.

 So what if it was a black tie affair? I'm certain I could have found an appropriate attire. It's not like I would have shown up wearing a onezie. I could have found a smashing dress. Still having doubts? To be honest I was my Dad's personal shopper for the event. It's ok though folks. The next day we celebrated by attending family swim. I impress everybody with my love for the water. I pretend it is real hard work.

Really it is just good fun!

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