7 Months and proud of it!

I'm 7 months old today. Things are shaking and forward facing.
I got promoted to the front of the stroller!
 Forward facing and what a view! I was pretty excited to see where I was going but my Mom was a little sad not to see me face to face while we ran. I told her she should be used to being behind faster runners. Time to be a class act and exhibit some maturity and professionalism about trailing behind the lead runners (such as myself).  She said in training, other running partners have had the courtesy to at least look back.  Sorry Mom but I had better things to do....like kick off my shoe. Did I mention I am my Mom's coach?  I tricked her into getting in some extra miles. She'll thank me someday. I'm sure of it. Crisis was averted. Shoe was found and come race day my Mom will have done the extra mileage to get the job done.

 All the cool kids are facing front these days.The next day she rained on my parade and made me wear pants with feet on them. My partner in crime managed to loose her hat so a few extra steps were logged and my Mom thinks it is a miracle she is eating so much chocolate and fitting into her skinny jeans. We'll just let her think it is magic.
Field trip #2 is in the books. The Stein Family farm  of National City has been patronized. It was pretty cool to see a historical sight in the middle of National City. Seeing one pig, 5 chickens, and 2 geese was cool. Although my Mom says when she was my age she didn't need to go more than a block to see all those animals little loan drive on the freeway. I think she's just trying to put me in my place after I dropped her on our run.

Well I am off to Chicago now for a week of R&R. My Dad has a board review course. That is one R. The other R is for run. Yippee! Let me know what I shouldn't miss.

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