This weeks training consisted of a bit of everything.
Track. A very scary place!

This was the scene of the trunks crime on Tuesday. Only 9:00 a.m. and already a track workout and a masters swim were history. Like my cooler and morning cup of Kashi cereal. I must admit T2 was really long. I think it took me until the water ran out in UCSD's locker room before I headed to my car. I substitued hot yoga for a hot shower. It worked pretty well considering my legs didn't cramp post ride, I hope the rest of the athletes at the U enjoyed a hot shower and I didn't use it all up. After that, you guessed it judging by the helmet and the bike pump.

I only managed one yoga session this week...unless there are too few sick patients at Scripps Mercy tomorrow and staffing requests I take the day off. Oh boy, that would be fun. I could drag Tim to yoga and to the farmers market.
I felt a little bad I didn't ride my mountain bike to yoga this week. It was raining and I needed to go to Costco after class. I had to return the Garmin 305 as it wouldn't hold a charge anymore. Thumbs up to the Costco people. I was prepared to tell them some big story about how the Garmin didn't hold it charge. How it failed me when I needed it most, could have ruined my race, caused me to bonk, blah, blah, blah. I was even will to produce fake tears. I just planned to keep babbling until they gave me my money back to shut me up. No drama was needed as they gave me my money back no questions asked. Even apologized for the inconvenience. So now with money in my pocket which Garmin will I replace it with? Not the 405. I would like you all to know that after the first mile of Wednesday evenings time trial it was 6:20 p.m. I had a visual heart rate showing for one mile. At track this week after two sets of 400's it defaulted to the compass mode. Now that was a big load off because I really was concerned I might get lost running circles around the track. Maybe I should forward the blank section of my training log to Garmin and ask them to recreate it.

I was on my way to the perfect mix of volume and intesity until.....I got sick :( and Tim grounded me. I was even working on improving my swim with "my very own red paddles" (Courtesy of Coach Sickie). He said they are mine to practice with provided I don't grip them with my pinkies or my thumbs. They even talk to me, but only when I am swimming poorly. On Monday, my goggles broke and Sickie lent me a pair. On Tuesday I returned with shiny blue goggles that make everyone look life a Smurf. Hah. Swim faster than me you bunch of Smurfs. I'll get the last laugh.

Wednesday night I came down with a sore throat and work was miserable Thursday as I managed to get the ache and chills and by Friday my sinuses were angry. Don't worry, I didn't infect my patients. They ummm, breathe special purified air via a tube. Tim shut down all my attemps to train "just a little bit" by saying "NO" before the words even came out of my mouth. Then he made sure to render my bike un- rideable by confinscating the cassette off my training wheel in case I had any second thoughts. I will give him credit for making me warm homemade bread and tea with honey, while I played the sick card.
Don't worry I played the sick card to the best of my ability. Somewhere in my febrile slumber I decided I really needed a dog to keep me company. The minute Tim got home I started pestering him for the Bernese Mountain dog I have been wanting.


I don't think I got very far, but I figure if I keep up the pestering he'll give me medical clearance to train sooner.


tim said...

where's the picture of the bernese mountain dog?

Anonymous said...

Bernese Mountain dogs have nothing over UP 50# Sparky the Lab.

Riley said...

What about us Gordons?

Sparky said...

It takes a Lab to pull a sled in the UP