Just Another Epic Thursday

The photo above is the aftermath my husband came home to on Thursday....Thursday was an "Epic Ride" day. Friends and I set out to ride the Great Western Loop plus the Laguna Loop all in one ride. I heard two of the fast guys talking about this ride and they called it the "Loop of Doom" The made me lick my chops and want to ride it even more. If I can't drop those boys I'll do my best to make what they called doom be fun. Hah ...Take that fast boys. We women can turn your suffer fest into a full day of Oprah style stories. When Elizabeth suggested the ride I was tickled and couldn't say no to the opportunity. These are my two most favorite rides in all of San Diego County....Maybe in all the world. Besides, I would have 10 days to recover before Wildflower.
I seem to be having a lot of great opportunities for training that are simply too good too pass up. As a result my legs feel like they have had a lead injection. In fact at mile 80 we mentioned that instead of a Botox injection we all felt like we had received a lead injection into our legs. Anyway with all this" training" by the time I got home my legs were feeling a bit like a cow sat on them. (I stole that line from Bree Wee's blog....) I was a bit desperate as I wanted to clean up the house a bit and make cookies for Tim. This would distract him from the fact that I was playing all day while he was working. Besides I can never complain I'm tired after a ride because he'll say "I wish I could have ridden my bike today."...or worse he'll say "I'm not the one who chose to ride a 100 miles today" It's hard when your only defense was "It was only 90 and I had a tailwind on the way out so I wasn't really pushing it"
After a long slow shower I donned my 40-50mmHg compression tights (purchased from discount surgical supplies ....not cool ones like Zoot or 2XU) and a pair of mop slippers...These were inspired on a bike ride with Julie, who said in a pinch she mops her kitchen my sliding around on washcloths. When I saw them in the Le Cruset catalog I knew they would be just the ticket.... and she went sub 5 at Cali 70.3 so it must be good cross training.
Anyway Tim came home earlier than expected and I hadn't quite finished cleaning up (meaning things were messier than before I started) and I was wearing the above get up. I bet his friends are like "Dude, Timmy picked a real winner there" Isn't my husband lucky I'm so fashionable and organized.


Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

GREAT JOB !!!!!!!! I am SUPER impressed - you guys have inspired me to do the loop(s) - absolutely incredible. I would have gladly changed my trainer ride for what you all did :) (Did I just say y'all???) Hope that you're recovering well. Awesome!

Cindy said...

Just don't let Janice see you in that get-up!

tim said...

they make mop slippers with red soles - only $799

Nikee Pomper said...

Totally missed riding with you guys! Sounds like an epic day.

The tights and slippers are hilarious!

See you in a few days up at WF