Ironman Arizona Thank You

Before I spend time writing my race report I would like to take a moment say thanks to everyone who supported me over the last year while I trained for Ironman Couer D'Alene and Ironman Arizona. I could not have hoped for a better race and I couldn't have accomplished these dreams without you guys. Throughout the long hours of training I have replayed the words of encouragement you all gave to me a thousand times. Thank You

1st off....Thanks to my husband Tim. For putting up with me when I am behaving out of hunger, fatigue, or nervousness....I know none of these are the are pleasant sites. Also thank you for making me eggs and toast (on homemade bread) for breakfast in the weeks leading up to IMAZ. It gave me the fuel to get through the workouts and made me feel loved and supported while I trained. Thanks also for the countless hours you have spent prepping my bike and for all the special touches you put on it like stickers that say "I drop boys"all over my gear. Thank you for flying out to IMAZ and being the worlds best sherpa/cheerleader extraordinaire. I know the sidelines aren't really for you but I sure was glad to see you there.

To my parents... Dan and Judi for encouraging me and telling me that whatever kind of a day I had it would be sufficient and for "NOT giving me a ride to track practice". Thanks to my in laws Bruce and Cindy, who had so much confidence in me they put money on me. Yes, it was me vs. the Sherminator....a middle aged male. Essentially they put meat on the table.

To my original IMAZ training partners Mer, Elaine, Tina , and Jess along with Joanne and Mary who I met during training. Thank all of you for your determination and dedication that inspired me to keep going even when I struggled a bit a after Couer D'Alene.
Thanks to Stacy, who although she wasn't racing at IMAZ put in a lot of miles with me. Thanks for listening to me perseverate on the details of CDA, a foot injury, my wedding, and IMAZ. Thanks for all the wisdom you shared and telling me I could manage IMAZ when I honestly wasn't sure if I could.
Thanks also to Meredith, who encouraged me to take a break when needed but refused to let me quit. She said that I was too strong and if I tried to quit she would check me into a spa until I was jonesing to get on my bike again.
Thanks to Elaine for making me laugh and for your willingness to drop boys even a mile 90 of a ride. That's good stuff.
Thanks to Tina for coordinating IMAZ girls nights, training rides,accommodations, and even driving to IMAZ.
Thanks to Jess who is always an example of what great things come of hard work, organization and diligence. I don't know anyone else who could balance training, a full time job and obtain and MBA at one time. Also thanks for your awesome attitude after Ironman. We were walking to the awards and you started setting new goals for yourself in the marathon. Just as I was getting ready to prop up my feet and drink a cold one you go inspiring me. Now I'm starting to have twinges of Ironman Fever again. Thanks a lot for that one
To our coach Mike Plumb of Tri Power....Home of affordable training. Thank you for preparing us to have great races. Thanks for tracking all of us so we were sure to see each other finish.

Thanks to Elizabeth and Julie all of the great rides and reassurance that I would recover, my foot would heal, and I would be alright for IMAZ. Thanks for setting such a great example inside and outside of triathlon. Also...thanks for making me work a bit on the bike. After riding GWL with you ladies the ride at IMAZ was cake

Thanks also to the entire San Diego Tri Club, ecspecially those there on race day whose cheers made me feel like a rockstar.

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awww... you're welcome!