Weekend in the City

September 4-6

Last weekend Tim and I headed north for a visit with Tim's parents (and of course Riley dog).

I actually flew up Thursday morning and BARTed into the city for my final wedding dress fittings. People talk about how planning a wedding is a learning process .....I agree 100%. I am now accomplished at using public transportation. I know how to get myself from SFO to Union Square....the Embarcadero ....you name it.

Thursday afternoon Cindy picked me up from the train station. We went to masters at their sports club that evening. it was so fun. The water was so nice ecspecially since it was a 100 degrees out. (No joke). At the end of practice we divided up into relay teams and faced off. Me on a team vs. my soon to be in laws. I dualed Cindy......she handed it too me. I was huffing and puffing and she was like "yawn...is that all you have for me" Just kidding... she was gracious.

Friday....everybody was working except me. I took Riley for a run. He didn't pace himself very well. At first he was running me for dear life. That was until Bruce intervened. He returned from his bike ride to see Riley's ears flopping and my pony tail flying. Riley was zig zagging a 6 minute mile. Bruce then showed me how to use the gentle leader...and my leader was much gentler. Towards the end of the run I had to tug Riley home. Typical male.....goes out fast and crashes. I asked Riley what was up with this. He said if he's ever going to catch a squirrel he needs to maintain his fast twitch II fibers. After that I walked two miles to the community pool and went to open swim. Then I walked back to Casa Neuschwander and took a nap. It was Riley's idea.

Friday night Tim arrived. We picked him up and prepared for Tim's big day in the city. Tim and Bruce were going to pick out the ties for the guys to wear. On Saturday morning. I would have the final fitting of my dress and then Cindy and I would give our thumbs up or down on the ties. We are a tough crowd.

Saturday started off with a good laugh. Cindy and I left for the train station sans Tim and Bruce. They weren't ready yet and we told them we couldn't be late. After Cindy and I boarded the train we sat parked for a while. Just before the train left the station two familiar faces boarded the train. Guess we could have carpooled after all. We arrived in the city and were walking towards Amy Kushel when we passes the Sephora store. There about a 1000 people lining the street hoping to be "America's Next Top Model" Most of them would have been better served somewhere else. I started laughing as it reminded me of dinner the night before. Tim had donned my oversize sunglasses ( Polarized from Road Runner Sports for $14) I told Tim in a very funny voice "Tim if you put on lipstick you'd look hot" (pronounced HAUT). Cindy and I ditched the guys and headed to Amy Kushel. We told them an alarm would go off if a man entered the building.

Despite much harassing the guys settled for cappucino at a side street cafe. This is actually a priceless Saturday morning in SF thing to do. There was actually singing of opera music in the street. It echoed and carried for blocks. When Cindy and I arrived Tim was looking casual and relaxed.

The face of the male getting ready for a wedding.

I don't know why Tim didn't get into private school!!!!

Tim and Bruce selecting ties. (Rear left) Horace in the white shirt offers advise on tie. He states the groom is really just back drop for the bride. (Not shown) Enrique. Enrique states true beyond the wedding day. Enrique is currently seeking other employment.

Back at home Tim bonds with man's best friend.


Paul said...

Hey I'm running again tonight? you gonna be on the roads?

Jennifer Yake said...

Didn't make it out this evening. We were shopping for Tim's wedding ring:) We'll probably be out tomorrow evening around 7:00 p.m.